Stand for something
+ energize your people

Grid of colorful heads

A mysterious contradiction

Two joyful people high fiving each other

Most companies claim that people are their greatest asset.

Two sad workers

But two-thirds of employees say they aren’t happy at work.

Someone is lying to themselves. Who do you think it is?

Fake culture

Companies overestimate the health of their culture because the conversation around culture is scripted and fake.

We’re all human, but acknowledging our humanity at the office is taboo.

We’re not supposed to talk about it.

That means individuals are left to defend themselves against doubt, fear, distrust, manipulation, power bullshit, disappointment, resentment, and cynicism...

This is on top of their responsibility to deliver great work.

Silent Dysfunction + Attrition

A fired employee collects their things

It’s obvious why so many teams are silently, fiercely dysfunctional.

Human nature is ignored, honest conversation is avoided.

Meanwhile, plastic mission statements and wishful thinking are considered best practices.

The result: Good people eventually leave. There is no loyalty to a faked culture.

A bar chart showing significant profits

Real culture, deep culture

Companies with real culture thrive. Statistically, they’re up to 10x more profitable.

Real cultures are high performing because they are built on a mission that feels almost spiritual, based on values that are made tangible.

In a deep-culture company, work has meaning. Teams still have problems, but they band together instead of falling apart.

People invest when they care

Without loyalty, trust, and respect, everyone is a mercenary. Nothing feels stable, and no one is ever really comfortable.

But when people truly care and feel cared for, they will put down roots and invest. This is what most of us really want.

Take action now. Find out which values are really driving you. Click here.

Going human

Do you sense the business opportunity here?

What would happen if most people were enthusiastic and eager about their possibilities?

What if leaders were admired? (instead of feared)

What if people were people? (instead of ‘resources’)

All these things can happen if you’re willing to let your business go human.

The Process

A magnifying glass

Achieve genuine awareness (strip away corporate labels, as a team)

A balance used for measuring weights

Measure dysfunction (and attack the roots)

A construction crane

Build trust and loyalty brick-by-brick (a true mission, not statements)

Let's transform

We’ll follow a science developed by Richard Barrett. He studied psychological development and the levels of organizational consciousness.

The Barrett Model is a framework, not a prescription. It requires and builds on your leadership. My role is to get us moving efficiently and help craft systems to deploy your values/mission and make them real.

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About Raouf + EverybodyMatters

After serving in the British Armed Forces, I devoted myself to enterprise sales. For twenty years I studied people and the organizations that depend on them. Eventually, these dynamics became my focus and primary drive.

I created EverybodyMatters to facilitate a business revolution alongside leaders who are eager for change, who want to abandon cynical excuses and fight for collective personal growth.